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Satco Starfish Automation


Satco Starfish Automation

Satco STARFISH™  products offer versatility, and integrate into the many spaces within your home.

Set up is quick and easy. Install the product, open the app, and connect. Set groups, room scenes and personalize atmospheres. Start with one room or one floor, scale up as you feel comfortable.


Once you purchase a STARFISH™ product all that you need to get started is your existing Wi-Fi router, and a mobile device, everything else you need to get going is already in there – STARFISH™ is SMART!

Inside of every STARFISH™ light and light fixture is a Wi-Fi enable chip that is securely connected to a TLS 1.2 encrypted cloud platform to ensure the highest level of security and privacy protection to include anonymous sign-in and encrypted connection.


Whether you are grouping rooms inside the home, or lighting inside of a room to delineate space, STARFISH™ helps organize your home into areas of light to help welcome and transition your living areas in synchronicity with your life.

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