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Feit Automation How To Videos

Feit offers a diverse array of automation for home or business, no special wiring or hubs needed! Do It yourself installation for many of the devices, bulbs and fixtures. Integrating your interior & exterior lighting control, security devices and security cameras with full control from your Android or iOS device, Google & Alexa compatible via Wi-Fi. Wireless doorbells, cameras, security lighting, flood detection, window & door sensors, motion detectors and RGBW Lighting control. Expand your system seamlessly simply add a device or controller, set scenes, monitor via talkback devices. Explore the possibilities with this affordable Smart Automation solution.

About Feit Automation
RGBW Color Changing Bulbs
Set Up Scenes
Install a 3-Way Smart Dimmer
Install LED Tape
LED Tape Lighting
Connect to Wi-Fi
Install a Smart Dimmer
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